Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Party like it's 1992

Yup, totally misquoted Stanley Cup of Chowder in the last post. I'd correct it, but I can live with my mistakes and am trying to focus on the game at hand. That said, I will say that everyone should go check out this fantastic post over at Barry Melrose Rocks about game 3.

Oh, and here are your previews:
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder: I'm not going to quote it because I'll just get it wrong again. Go read it and participate in the Public Skate! (Whatup Evan)
  • Hockey Blog Adventure: Playing with fire.
  • Hub Hockey: Nice vid.
  • Matt Kalman: "Montreal center Tomas Plekanec has only skated in two of the three games, but he’s still a minus-4."
  • BIG BAD BRUINS!: Get psyched with some videos. Seriously. GO GO BLACK AND GOLD
  • Four Habs Fans: "You can go ahead and blame injuries, blame reffing, blame Bob, blame Carey, blame Rollie Melanson, blame Benoit Brunet - look, there's a lot of blame to go around here."
  • Habs Inside/Out: "The mood was quiet, more than defiant, on Tuesday as the Canadiens prepared for what could be their final game of the 2009 playoffs."
  • Montreal Gazette: "The wonderfully talented, splendidly coached Boston Bruins just one victory from dusting the Habs and ending their 100th season, also known as the world’s longest funeral." Wow, the Gazette kinda hates the hometown team, huh?
  • Still don't know any other habs blogs. FHF is my favorite, though.
Your Bruins-lovin' guest blogger trying not to get too homerific,

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