Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, it's over. Here are some blogs marking the occasion:
  • Four Habs Fans: GOODBYE MY LOVERS
  • The 2 Man Advantage: "Not only was Laraque very gracious in the handshake line but he gave the cool urban handshake to every Bruin. He is awesome. Add this to my bucket list: get the cool urban handshake huggy thing from BGL before I die. Someone set this up. My birthday is December 10th."
  • Mass Hysteria Sports: "Alas, poor Montreal. I knew them well,/For long have they our fear'd oppressors stood,/And yet, today, their mournful deathly knell/Tolls out. And thusly, eulogize we should."
  • LoweTide: "I dreamed of a 4-game sweep in the playoffs. It never came in my childhood and barely came in my adult life. But it's here and it's beautiful. So, in my own way I'd like to remember Bobby Orr tonight. He was a man touched by God, and the Bruins have done something that was impossible in his own time: beat the Habs in 4."
  • Pension Plan Puppets: "Hey! Look at that! It's exactly how many games the Habs won in the playoffs. Coincidentally, it's the number of Stanley Cups they have won since 1993."
  • Puck Daddy: thought Montreal was going to win the cup, will have a eulogy soon.
  • Hockey Blog Adventure: "For the whiners: Kessel was totally offsides and it was awesome."
  • And one last thing...
It's been fun, those of you who have read. An inside source at cycle like the sedins has reported that I may be back for the next round....just like the bruins.

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