Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Five Questions: Four Habs Fans (Canadiens)

(Four Habs Fans is one of the funniest team blogs in the hockey blogosphere. They've been steady and remarkably to-the-point contributors, which makes us like them even more. The pictures of gorgeous barely clothed women provide that extra layer of blogger gravy. Make sure to check them out)

1. What will the Canadiens need to do to beat the Bruins?
An act of God, either Jesus Price coming up BIG or the miraculous healing of Andrei Markov

2. What would need to happen for the Bruins to win?
The sun to come up

3. Fan Favorite
Jaro (Jaroslav Halak). A backup goalie who speaks in an incomprehensible English frequently skewered on FHF, "Ja-ro!" is chanted like no other as soon as Carey lets in a bad one.

4. Your team's Goat-to-Be
Alex Kovalev. After an up and down season, a Playoff flameout will lead to calls for not resigning the UFA over the summer.

5. Top storyline
It's Habs-Bruins. The history and rivalry requires no storyline.

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