Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trip Report: Games 1 and 2

Howdy, folks! Cornelius here. I'm a Bruins fan and you can read my usual rambling over at my site, the Hockey Blog Adventure.

I went to games one and two of the series and took some crappy cell phone pictures, so I'd like to share them with y'all to give you a feel for what it's like at the games.
Got there early. Gotta watch some warmups.Watch them from the away zone. It's better for taunting. When you're up in the balcony (like I was) they can't hear you.
This was an awesome hat. Just awesome:Pretty solid mustache on that guy, too. He wanted me to wear it, but I am superstitious.

Speaking of solid accessories...Somebody call Puck Daddy. We've got a code 6 jersey foul in the building. Check this out:Pats sleeve, Garnett middle, Sox sleeve, and what's that? Is that a bruins two?Nope, it's a 42! Way to cut up your Wheeler or Stock jersey there, buddy.

And that's all I took for game one.
Got there even earlier. If you take the right route to your seats, you can go past the away dressing room. I've seen the flyers kick a soccerball around in there before. They won that game. The Habs are doing the same thing.I don't know which ones, since I don't recognize them. Everyone's got porn staches like crazy, though.

Got to warmups early again. This time, we were better prepared. Made a sign or two, and really got some chants going. When the home fans are chanting your name during warmups, it's going to be a rough night. Here's an awesome sign someone made:Solid. Like me, that person was up in the balcony for the game, but on the glass for warmups.

Before the game, the Bruins unfurled a GIANT flag with a Bruins logo on it along a section. I think they meant it to stay on the section, but fans had other ideas. That flag moved around the whole lower bowl. So awesome.It kept going around. As Jack Edwards said, "Boston is a Hockey town again."

Superduper security going on in the game, too. Saturday night, late start, more habs fans...recipe for disaster. This guy hung out in our section the whole night.He did not look like the kind of guy to be messing around.

Here are the signs we had for warmups.Taken at the end of the second. I'm going to have to make some JAAAAAAA ROOOOOOOO signs if it goes to five.

Another awesome sign:I asked the guy if that meant Komisarek was a Chicken or a Cock. (Not pictured: Sign showing the CH logo as a toilet seat. I can't unsee it. It is glorious, or is that glorieux?)

Lastly, it wouldn't be Montreal without strippers.Thanks for coming, don't forget to tip your waitress!

All in all it was a great couple of evenings.
Also, this happened:

You can read my recap of Game 2 here.


  1. This post was "Hockey in Japan"-level greatness. Love the Alex Kovalev poster and the floating Bruins logo. Fantastic stuff, Cornelius.

  2. oh hey! i was bleu, blanc et fail girl. your picture made yahoo sports! thanks! :)

  3. wait, you a season ticketholder in 307? we are in 309. if this goes to game 5, i'll be back by the ice but i'm going to be on the bruins side this time.

  4. You bet I am! I'd definitely go back over to the montreal side.

    Carey price when I taunt him: 5 GA
    carey price otherwise: 3 ga

    The choice is simple.